Dan Woodlief Photography

Welcome to my vision. I am a world traveler, historian, adventurer, runner, and lover of all things beautiful or intriguing. You will find those interests reflected in my photography. My primary areas of work are travel, street, and people of all kinds. For me, photography is above all about engaging the viewer by use of lines, color, and a dose of mystery. I don't want you to see where I have been; I want you to feel it. In another life, I earned an MA in Modern European History. History has been a lifelong passion, and this is reflected in my many galleries relating to historic places, reenactments, and events. I have won prizes for my Civil War photography, and one of my photos was used for the cover of the Civil War Preservation Trust's online annual report. Please drop me a line if you like what you see or have any comments. I love sharing tips with others about travel and photography, so I am extremely open to any questions you may have. Email me